ASWASRO(Association For Social Work And Social Research In Orissa)

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Working with Disabled and weaker section of the society in a mutual sharing of strength and to build a more equitable and human society.


A society based on profound human values and respect for each in dividual life whatever his/her own physical , mental & social abilities.

Goals & Objectives

 To bring sustainable growth and development of the society and especially of the weaker Neglected and oppressed persons.

 To give importance for the welfare of Disabled persons and distressed women in difficult circumdtances.

 To promote and strengthen peoples organizations and Panchayat Institutions to bring out social justice and cordial relationship in society.

 To develop skills,knowledge and personality and build up their leadership from the grass-root level to fell the Felt-needs of the community and solve it by their perfect stamina.

 To facilities and act as an agency between Government and people for successful planning, implementation and evaluation of all developmental and welfare programme

 To shape on the need-base the healthily educational and economical development of the community and needy.