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The very essential of health are usually most neglected. The majority rural people are below poverty line and eats less food thay need, the worst suffers being pregnant woman , acting mothers and young children. They are ignorant about the essentials of the child care , malnutrition, nutritional need of children deficiency diseases,infections immunization, land health nutrition education. ASWAESRO has activity monitored these things and organised awareness programme on Health & Falimy Welfare development for a partial solution of the above . On occassion of World Health Day 7th April 2004 this Organization has arranged a seminar on Health & Family Welfare at Town hall , Boudh. About 300 School children had joined in the programme. A debate competition of "Health Awareness in our society" was organised among the School children of the above stated School. The following objectives were discussed in the seminar.

 To keep the village and sorrounding areas clean.

 To create awareness among the people for proper sanitation & public hygiene

 To educate the people to use safe drinking water and to protect drinking water sources from contamination.

 To encourage the households to practice proper disposal of garbage , solid wastes, waste water etc.

Education is the Backbone of our Society

Every body should know about reading writing counting & measuring through proper education. In rural areas & Tribal belt of our state , education from primary level is very poor. In our society the school going children are deleted on field of education due to different causes facing by the parents. To increase the literacy percentage govt. Of Orissa & Non Government Organidsation activities should create an awareness for proper in our society. A workshop was organized at Town Hall of Boudh.

 To create 100 percent literacy in the society.

 To facilitate Proper primary education in the society.

 To increase percentage of girls education in the society.

 To create awareness among parents for creating well educated family.

Protect Violence Against Women

On 25th November 2004 our Organization have celebrated the International Day of protect Violence against Women, the premises of U.G.M.E . School, Butupali, Boudh . A Seminar was organized for this purpose on the following topics.

 To root out the violence against women in the society.

 To increase the person & ability of women comparing with men in the society.

 To provide support on all fields, for the women to protect violence.

 To educate the women to increase their confidence to fight against violence.


ASWASRO "continued its work in this discipline and after duly assessing the Blind & Deaf children at early stage , got them admtted in the special school for the Blind & Deaf running at Seva Vihar , Boudh and to ensure maximum physical and intellectual development of the children. The School is running with the Grant-In-aid from the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment Govt Of India,New Delhi.


The students of our School had participated in the celebration of international day held at Bhubaneswar organised by W&CD Dept, Govt. Of Orissa, Bhubaneswar. The students enjoyed the programmes and events very much. The school had observed the national days like Independence Day, Republic Day, Birthday of Mahatma Gandhi like 2nd October , and Disabled Day on 3rd December. The Disabled students had participated in all the functions, the national chares and stages cultural programmes.n Government Organidsation activities should create an awareness for proper in our society. A workshop was organized at Town Hall of Boudh.

All the programmes of D.P.E.P concerning for the welfare of disabled students had been held in the school premises. The D.P.E.P Boudhhad organizes a workshop and the students had participated in the function. Teaching materials of different models were exhibited in the function to arouse consciousness among the public and parents.


The student of this institution participated in State Level Sports & Cultural meet competitioorganized by Dept. Women & child Development from 1st December to 3rd December 2007 at Exhibition Ground, Bhubaneswar.


The students of the Special School had gone a excursion tour programme on the New Years day 1st January 2008 visiting place. The students had danced started merry making among themselves along with the teachers.

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